relevant. digital. experiential.

Modern development programs for leaders, teams and new employees

Self-directed learning and modern tools like YouTube videos, podcasts and learning apps arrived in everyday life a long time ago.
We use this in our programs to potentialize the tried and trusted methods of social and experiential learning with the possibilities of digitalization.
Through this, we support participants to develop new competencies self-responsibly, continuously and quickly.

This way, progressive organizations can develop their leaders and staff to reach company goals in a VUCA world.
As your international training provider, we have trainers speaking many different languages in a large number of countries.
We combine experience with innovation: For more than 30 years we have been implementing new projects together with our clients.

The Hochschule fuer angewandtes Management (HAM) with its Adventure Campus Treuchtlingen is our official cooperation partner.
This enables us to accompany our projects scientifically if desired!


LearningStone is our official cooperation partner for any blended learning! It provides a truly collaborative platform for modern blended learning processes.