Our interactive programs combine digital and emotional learning


This makes them motivating, effective and relevant:

  • Learning is anchored through shared experiences and emotional activation. Current brain research emphasizes the essential role of shared and positive experiences for sustainable learning and motivation.
  • The future competence “self-directed learning” is already demanded and promoted by the program structure itself. Economic researchers confirm the growing necessity of learning while working. Embedding this in structured development programs ensures goal oriented and effective learning.
  • Content and elements are tailored to individual needs by the participants themselves. Especially Generation Z employees expect to be able to use technologies according to their own needs. The same applies when it comes to learning.


Modern Learning Formats

Self-directed learning and modern tools such as YouTube videos, podcasts and apps have long since arrived in everyday life. At the same time, brain research proves that emotions are the key to sustainable learning. We take advantage of this for our programs.

Digital learning means:

  • Our blended learning platform “DEX Portal” as a secure, flexible and collaborative learning environment
  • The integration of various apps, media and sources makes for fun learning. Furthermore, it keeps content, formats and program elements up-to-date and usable as befits each learner.
  • Access via computers and mobile devices for flexibility and constant availability


Emotional learning means:

  • Group tasks in face-to-face workshops for direct experience of communication and work patterns
  • Exercises in practice groups for repetition and processing of what has been learned
  • Direct application of techniques and methods at the workplace for meaningfulness and topicality of the program
  • Observation and feedback by colleagues for motivation and further development


Coaching and supervision combine digital with emotional learning as they occur face to face as well as over the phone, video, messages or apps.


Plug & Play: Learning Agility in a Structured Framework

Learning must be relevant for the individual as well as for the company!

This is another reason why our programs are structured according to the “Plug & Play” principle:

A selection of contents and elements as well as the topic and the framework of the program are given. However, the participants themselves decide what they want to choose, what to bring in from the outside or make available to others.

This structure supports self-directed and sustainable learning – in short: learning agility. This in turn is central to success in the world of New Work!

At the same time, it guarantees learning within the framework of corporate and program objectives. Consequently, resources are used much more efficiently than in traditional development programs!


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