DEX in Trainingaktuell magazine May 2019

Mindsetting for trainers

In the article “Mindsetting for Trainers” of the current Trainingaktuell magazine DEX is quoted with central theses and arguments. These come from the session with Jörg Janzen and Silke Körner at the Petersberger Trainertage 2019. In particular, they are about redefining the responsibilities of training providers and customers:

New work – new mindset for trainers and consultants!

Too often, trainers still leave the responsibility for the relevance of the training and the implementation of what people have learned to the customer. In times of accelerated change and globalized competition, one can only comment on this attitude with “inadequate”.

Trainers and customers must get out of their comfort zones and define the exact purpose, the necessary prerequisites for learning and its implementation at the workplace – and those responsible for the individual aspects – before carrying out any training process.

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