This time: Anne Becker, MD, general practitioner in private practice and voluntary doctor at a vaccination centre

What is your motto?

Karma, baby, karma!!! An experiment from the practice on polite and nice interaction, even if it’s awful: I once tried to talk straight with someone, but it didn’t work at all!!! Being an asshole is not an alternative!

Why do you do the work you do today?

I wanted to go into research to understand people better. The alternative was psychology. Independent thinking was important to me. That was not always possible in the clinic. Through experience in my job and personal development (pregnancy/marriage), my path then led me to general medicine, where I could combine work and family much better.

How did you get there?

I did well in my A-levels, then went straight into my studies and specialist training. I always wanted to learn a lot! Theory, practice, input, permanent learning – and not standing still. Even outside the mainstream, I deal with naturopathic treatments, nutrition, sports medicine, acupuncture, finding new solutions…

What will be your next project?

To continue our group practice and find nice colleagues who want to work with us. I want to secure the future of the practice, but I also have personal projects like surfing, becoming more sporty athletic and focusing more on myself.

What problem do you offer a good solution for?

Helping people to find the right way – but by being proactive and giving suggestions. I don’t always offer ready-made solutions. But that’s difficult: people prefer to be comfortable without having to make an effort.

Which three things in your life are currently most important to you?

My family, my practice, and my hobbies, like SUP, yoga, experiencing new things. The instructor during my lifeguard training once said to me, “You can’t swim at all!” That was two years ago now. I passed the lifeguard bronze!

What was the nicest compliment someone once gave you?

That would be nice!!! Many everyday ones, but unfortunately nothing outstanding.

What was an important decision in your life?

To get married because I never planned to! But it worked out great. It was the surprise of my life😊.

What question would you like to find an answer to?

How can people live better together? How can we reduce hatred, envy, religious fanaticism, ignorance, and violence?

What is your current concern?

To get out of the pandemic as quickly as possible. In addition to my work in my practice, I also contribute to this in the vaccination centre.