Featured: Stefan Kraus

Name: Stefan Kraus
Profession/Activity: Systemic Coach & Organizational Developer

1. What is your motto?
“You don’t have to be bad to become better.”

2. Why do you do the work you do today?
My mission is to show people ways to have more joy, fun and fulfillment in what they do and to develop their potential with them.

3. How did you get there?
I was a trainer and coach in competitive sports for 15 years, as well as an independent entrepreneur in the fitness industry. In the process, I discovered my passion for developing people, and decided to bring my knowledge and experience to adult education. Without hesitation, I ventured a new professional start at the age of 40 and have not regretted it to this day. Through numerous training and further education courses, I have found my home in systemic organizational development.

4. Which methods do you find particularly effective – for what?
It is difficult for me to specify here because of the wide range of training and further education I have received. The method has to fit the organization and its culture.
Currently, I am intensively involved with methods from the agile context and am enthusiastic about tools such as SCRUM or the OKR method.

5. What was one assignment that gave you particular pleasure?
Setting up and redeveloping the management organization of a hotel chain operating in the DACH region was one of my most enjoyable assignments. It brought me into contact with wonderful people from many cultures and took me to beautiful places in these countries.

6. What are the issues that the companies you work with are dealing with the most at the moment?
For me, it is definitely the topic of culture development with all its facets. Value development, purpose, resilience, healthy leadership, … just to name a few.

7. What solutions do you offer for these topics? Is there an illustrative example?
As a trained sports scientist, I can dig the tunnel from two sides in corporate health management, for example.
I can anchor the topic strategically in the organization through professional project management and, on the other hand, set up and implement very concrete measures operationally.
For example, I was able to significantly reduce the number of sick days in the organization through resilience training in conjunction with relaxation courses and a parallel management development program.

8. What is currently a concern for you – in your private life or at work?
Organizations should not just carry the topic of sustainability and ecological action in front of them as a fig leaf, but should implement it through concrete projects in order to set an example and achieve a lighthouse effect.
We only have this one planet.