This time: Elke Tonscheidt – blogger, freelance journalist, presenter.


What is your motto?

I bring together people who have something to say to each other.


Why do you do the work you do today?

The focus in the media system is on bad news. I put the spotlight on what’s working, because there’s not enough confidence.


How did you get there?

When I started a family at 43, I had to reinvent myself. And I’m not done with that yet either 😊


What will be your next project?

I’d like to work with young people – preferably elementary school students who are about to move on to secondary school. They are still full of power and have so many great questions, but our education system lacks the answers.


What problem do you offer a great solution for?

My blog is about #volldasguteleben (#reallygoodlife). Especially in Germany, we see a lot of things too negatively.


Which three things in your life are currently most important to you?

Our son, my family, global climate protection.


What was the nicest compliment someone ever paid you?

I am always happy when my work is successful, and people feel comfortable with my texts and facilitation.


What was an important decision in your life?

Becoming a mother.


What question would you like to find an answer to?

How can our ailing education system be restructured as quickly as possible so that children can learn in a self-effective and joyful way what really matters in the future?


What is your current concern?

To reduce the aggressiveness in society in such a way that politics can be shaped better again.


Contact: elke@ohfamoos.com, www.elke-tonscheidt.com