Our Process


1 Needs assessment:

  • Purposes & objectives of the change project
  • Question: Which problems, questions, tasks/roles, structures/interfaces, levers of change/enhancement arise for whom?
  • Analysis of the current situation and gaps to be closed

2 Design of the development program:

  • Together with the client and other stakeholders
  • Using the principles of Design Thinking (e.g. personas)

3 Onboarding of the participants and first tasks (online or face to face):

  • Required digital competences
  • Orientation in the program and digital environment
  • Learning objectives
  • Involvement of the supervising manager

4 Kick-Off Workshop:

  • Emotionalization of the learning content for anchoring and motivation
  • Building and maintaining trust and relationships
  • Application, practice and reflection of desired behaviors
  • Mutual exchange and feedback

5 Implementation phase:

  • Repeated application in the workplace
  • Practice, exchange and reflection in practice groups
  • Individual learning with online resources
  • Sharing and co-designing content and tasks by participants
  • Ongoing evaluation and adjustments

6 Final workshop:

  • Celebration of successes
  • Reflection and gathering of insights
  • Planning the next steps

7 Evaluation:

  • Measuring success
  • Necessary adjustments for possible roll-out



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