Courage is required – self-determination needs freedom!

Too many employees are still being controlled – and not led! Corona and the resulting wave of employees working from home seem like a magnifying glass. Because not trusting their staff has too often controlled leaders’ behavior even before the crisis:

Too many leaders don’t support their employees, they control them. They do not give them autonomy, but rules and regulations. They don’t measure results, but time spent at the workplace or tasks completed.

Even before Corona, self-determined work was an important topic: Generation Z, Millennials, Agile, etc. – these people and forms of work require self-organization and co-determination. And this requires confidence that people do their work well and different paths lead to the same goals.

However, all the evidence that this leads to better – and above all more sustainable – results has not helped so far. A study by the Harvard Business News from July 2020 shows: Fear rules, undermines the self-confidence of leaders and the motivation of employees.

Do you have the courage to finally use the wave of work from the home office as a springboard for a new leadership style and the beginning of a pluralistic, flexible corporate culture?