What do we care about the VUCA World?

If everything is volatile-uncertain-complex-ambiguous anyway – why should we lead at all? Shouldn’t everyone be self-responsible and act independently?

Is leadership out of date?

Maybe it is not useful to think in absolutes: just because these tendencies currently are emphasized in macro systems, like the global economy, we can‘t apply the same descriptions equally on all medium and small systems. To some it applies more, to some less. Those systems also include teams, departments, business units and whole companies. To grasp these work environments in all their differentiation, and to act according to their specific “VUCA” characteristics, is the key leadership task now. Only then can you adequately support and challenge your staff!

For this, we developed four programs that we would like to present to you in more detail. A short description you can find here: DEX Programs

After the first program last week, we continue here with the

Program for Leaders, Levels 1 – 3: “Mastering the Art”

The program is targeted at leaders who want to adjust to the new conditions and grow with them. Depending on the needs, topics can be digitalization, working with generation Y & Z staff, agility, burn-out prevention or company culture. Each program is individually customized.

Emotional, intellectual and social learning – an effective mix of methods!

We accompany you between 6 to 18 months with 3 to 6 workshops. Half of those will be experiential: building trust, experiencing and practicing leadership as well as cooperation are their focus. Approaches, models and tips for navigating the New Work environment are emphasized in the content based ones. But there is no strict division of methods – just their prioritization varies.

Reflection to anchor learning – the online platform “DEX Portal”

To create access to learning in the long term, time for reflection is needed. The learnings need to be looked at critically and analyzed from different perspectives. Experiences need to be made and – preferably jointly with others – processed. For this reason, we embed the program into our online platform “DEX Portal”. Impulses, inspirations and materials for self-study are accessible 24 hours a day. Participants co-create their learning process by uploading resources, exchanging information via the chat function, or organizing practice groups and meetings. And, of course, participants will find a complete resource library and documents of the program there – and can contribute themselves.

The benefit is more happiness, satisfaction and effectiveness at work

Human beings only learn – and change their behavior – when this causes something to get easier, more agreeable or better. What that means is different for each of us: Hence, we work with personal learning goals on one hand. For this we also include the supervising managers as stakeholders (regarding the results) and supporters of their staff. On the other hand, we adjust topics, contents and activities exactly to the needs and conditions of the participants. Thus, the learnings will always relate to concrete needs and situations at work.

Learning while working – Repetition, repetition, repetition!

We all know that new behaviors or ways of thinking only become routine when they are used over and over again. Just as any athlete or musician repeats certain movements or passages to automate and improve them, mastering the art of leadership needs regular and consequent application of new techniques. The 10,000-hour rule says it takes this number of hours to reach mastery.

And studies show that the one most important factor to determine whether a music student will become a teacher or a professional is the number of hours practiced daily.

That is why we, jointly with the client, ensure that the application of new techniques is not only allowed but actually desired – even if it means failing in the beginning!


If you have any questions or interest, please contact us at: management@dextraining.de, Munich, Germany: +49 (89) 388 99 749, Cologne, Germany +49 (221) 169 18467