What makes trainers great and training effective?

Mark Garret Hayes and I chatted for his podcast “hiredtrainer” about what makes great trainers and effective training programs.

Listen to the podcast here.

Silke has quite a track record having been involved in several training businesses on three separate continents: South America, Australia – where she was a Senior Executive – and now Europe. Although German is her native language, Silke is completely fluent in Portuguese and English.

She has a certification in the implementation of the Kirkpatrick model and believes very much in its usefulness. Donald Kirkpatrick, a past President of the ATD created the eponymous model in the 1950’s in order to help assess the effectiveness of training interventions. Today, the 4-level Kirkpatrick model is a standard model used by learning & development professionals internationally.

As Managing Partner of DEX Training & Consulting GmbH, Silke has the power to recruit and assign training contracts to freelance trainers. Silke explains to us in detail exactly what she looks for when considering whether to hire a training consultant on a contract basis!

Biggest takeaways you don’t want to miss:

  • Silke’s journey in learning & development across three continents
  • How Silke Körner and Jörg Janzen came up with the business name
  • How digital and experiential learning facilitate what she calls ‘deep-learning’
  • Why behavioural-change is critical to the success of training interventions
  • What the Kirkpatrick model means to Silke and why it is relevant to training
  • What Silke looks for when hiring contract trainers