Which learning platform is needed for blended learning?

The more correct question is probably

“Which learning environment do we need?”

Because a specific learning platform is not absolutely necessary: Modern blended learning means combining different technologies, tasks and resources. And this should happen in different settings: at work, in offsite workshops, alone at home or with a practice group.

For motivation and sustainability, it is important for learners to be able to co-create the learning process. This does not mean the same predetermined sequence for everyone, but room for exploration, exchange and input!

There also needs to be enough time for discussion and feedback with others. Without this, there is a lack of motivation to keep going, especially when things get difficult.

Not the platform, but the learning environment is crucial!

The right platform simply creates a better learning environment for such blended learning:

This can be an LMS like Doodle, an in-house learning platform, LearningStone, or apps like Teams, Slack and OneNote.

The learning platform should be selected according to what best fits the culture and tool landscape of the company!