digital and emotional learning

This is what sets us apart:


Emotional and experiential learning: Only what moves us has relevance; only what we do, we retain in the long term! The tasks and challenges in face-to-face and online formats let participants experience how methods and techniques really work, provide for sharing, reflection, and joy in learning. Face-to-face workshops in beautiful natural or unusual settings create lasting memories. This way we create the best conditions for sustainable learning.

Consistent application focus: We only learn what is important for us! Using and supporting the relevant competencies through effective seminar architecture, practical tools, and on-the-job learning.

Self-organized and social learning: We learn best with and from others! All workshops and seminars are framed by preparation and transfer tasks to be completed mostly in small groups.

Customized programs: Every company is unique! SMEs are different from large corporations; the construction industry has a different culture than the automotive one. As an active member of the German SME association BVMW and through years of working with global players, we understand this and always adapt our solutions to the individual needs and circumstances of our clients.

Internationality and wealth of experience: Looking through other people’s eyes – walking in in other people’s boots! Our own many years of international living and working experience, language skills and a global network of experts, allow us to work effectively and with empathy in the context of cultural diversity and different nationalities.

social learning

How do we work?

Partnership and open dialogue with the client

Systemic approach – working at eye level with the participants: They as experts of their needs and situations in everyday work, we as experts for development, processes and didactics

Agile implementation – piloting and ongoing adaptation

Adaptation of learning environments and formats to the client’s current situation and specific circumstances: from virtual, to face-to-face, to blended learning formats; from home office to seminar room, a hotel lawn or sailboat

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