Since mid-March 2018 “DEX Training & Consulting GmbH” has been active in the learning & development market!

The name “DEX“ is derived from digital and experiential: We alternate experiential team workshops, implementation at work and joint practice with online learning – and embed all this into a digital learning platform.

“DEX Training & Consulting“ – that is Joerg Janzen and Silke Koerner. Until March, for 30 years we had been working independently from each other in team and leadership development. Here, we made very different experiences: Joerg with a lot of exciting international team and leadership workshops. Setting sails on the tall ship “MIR“, raft building in India, sustainable nature projects in the Bavarian Alps – emotional learning always was his topic! Silke with the development of innovative seminars and professional qualifications in North and South America, Australia and Germany. We met regularly at the yearly conferences of a fascinating network for trainers and experts: “Experiential Educators Europe (EEE)”. This network enables us to deliver our programs in all important European languages all over the world.
Both of us have always been excited by learning and personal growth – that’s why our interests and areas of engagement have been steadily increasing. And obviously, digitalization has been an important topic for the last few years!

An essential question is the relevance of development programs. Here, we are interested especially in tow aspects:
1. How do you achieve the purpose – not only the goals – of training programs?
2. What makes participants engage with a program and feel enriched by it?
Sustainability and the implementation in every day work are our main orientation points. And we are thinking about how these questions need to be answered in the context of digitalization.
Thus, we developed the – still – novel combination of “digital” with “experiential” learning.

This way we can create a relevant, flexible and motivating learning process for all involved – instead of isolated “learning events” like seminars whose implementation appears to be rather random in the end.
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