This time: Cristof Harrasser, General Manager at INNIO Jenbacher / Mechanical Engineering

What is your motto?

If you have the chance, be kind!

Why do you do the work you do today?

After almost 10 years in the active outdoor sports business, I wanted to do something related to my education, so I switched to the powergen business.

How did you get there?

Friends finally convinced me to join the same company.

What will be your next project?

In my personal life: finally planting my raised vegetable bed.

For which problem do you offer a good solution?

I offer a bridging technology for the energy turnaround – away from coal and oil, via biogas and hydrogen, f. i., as an energy carrier for decentralized energy generation in combined heat and power.

Which three things in your life are currently most important to you?

My children, my relationship and my free time.

What was the best compliment someone once paid you?

You are the best dad in the whole world!

What was an important decision in your life?

Going to India at the age of 22 to co-found a whitewater rafting company.

What question would you like to find an answer to?

How do I find more time for sports in my life?

What is your current concern?

I would like to see peace in the world again, and the planned expenditures for armaments would be invested in education and health care.

Contact info: christof.harrasser@gmail.com