Flow – Why Teams need Expeditions!

Expeditions are Boosters for Leadership Teams

Companies fail if their business model and the way they work do not reflect relevant changes quickly enough.

Therefore, leadership teams need to keep an eye on the market as well as internal processes, moods and resources. This requires commitment, focus and stamina. Creativity is needed to develop new approaches. And in order to deploy them, a high degree of implementation skills. This is the only way to turn ideas into concrete behavior and strategies into action.

Smooth cooperation within the leadership team is another key competitive advantage. As a result, the team gets into a “flow” and is able to exploit its full potential. “Flow”[1] describes a state of highest concentration and performance in which a person is completely absorbed in a task while experiencing a sense of control and satisfaction.

One way to get leadership teams into a state of flow is through an expedition in nature. It takes leaders out of their usual environment and puts them in a completely new one. This change fosters creativity and innovation. In addition, executives on expeditions often face a number of physical and mental challenges: Navigating unfamiliar terrain, dealing with adverse weather conditions, or overcoming personal fears and limitations. Importantly, the situations need to challenge the team. But only the experience of overcoming difficult circumstances through good teamwork uplifts and motivates.

This experience strengthens the team’s ability of implementation: the feeling of effortlessness, control and agency gives self-assurance. Overcoming challenges together strengthens the  bonds with each other. Horizons expand, possibilities open up.

This creates a feeling of flow in each individual – and in the team as a whole! Furthermore, a “flow” is set in motion, which we call the “Team Flow”. All successful teams go through this development process. The team becomes more efficient from phase to phase, and the work becomes more enjoyable. The more mature the team becomes, the more capable it is of dealing with change, obstacles and crises. It is also able to critically observe itself and constantly develop.

Are you interested in an expedition for your leadership team? Whether three or ten days, on water or on land – contact us!

[1] Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi: Flow –  The Psychology of Optimal Experience. 1990