Learntec2020 underlines the trend towards digital learning!

The Learntec2020 took place end of January in Karlsruhe, Germany. More than 15.000 visitors (34% more than last year!) learned, discussed and marveled at the new trends in digital learning. I was one of them.

Digital learning is an important trend!

The enormous increase in visitors and exhibitors alone emphasizes the relevance of this topic in our society: in schools as well as in companies, digitalization is rapidly changing how we learn.

Nevertheless, I am always amazed at how many trainers, consultants and coaches have resistance to digital learning technologies!

Digital transformation – but not with us!

The attitude that the traditional approach is more effective (is it really?!!) is widespread.

Or is it the fear of not being able to manage – not being able to learn – the new technologies? In other words, fear of what we regularly ask of our participants in workshops and seminars: To be open for change, for constant learning and development.

No matter if it is fear, disinterest or skepticism about digital learning: Our role is to support companies and their employees in their development. That’s why we can’t close our eyes to the trends that our customers and participants have to deal with every day!

Digital learning is not a universal key to all development needs. Neither are attendance seminars! Often a mixture of different learning methods makes the most sense: mobile, at the desk, via video or face-to-face, reading, listening, doing, discussing, reflecting…

Whether blended learning, pure digital learning or face-to-face training work best varies from case to case. But to be able to decide that, we as trainers, consultants and coaches need to learn to use and understand digital learning technologies!