The radical virtualization is a chance to develop new forms of work

Instead of frantically trying to squeeze traditional ways of working into a digital environment, we should use the time to rethink purposes, goals and tasks!

This is especially true when it comes to unloved processes with little meaning. Who does not moan about the sheer number of meetings nowadays? About the annoying monologues or pro forma discussions regarding decisions of which everyone knows (or should know) what they are supposed to be anyway?

How many people already have the feeling of being behind in their work when they open their mailbox first thing in the morning?

Right now, teams and companies should not only ask themselves “how” in the virtual world. It is much more important to ask “why” (see also Sinek: “Start with the Why”) – and then address the “what”!

Meaningfulness and purpose should point the way for the “New Normal” – let’s use this chance!