What teams need now: community and motivation

Summer is coming, the vaccination campaign is moving forward. We can hardly wait to meet others in person again!

Colleagues are looking forward to exchanging personal news again, updating the “office gossip” and laughing together over jokes at the coffee machine.

For many teams, last year was a especially challenging. It was not only the personal restrictions and additional burdens imposed by corona that were often frustrating:

So that the work with colleagues* can be productive and enjoyable, relationships must be cultivated – and this was only possible to a limited extent last year.

However, phone and video calls or written communication really only deal with specific issues. You don’t really perceive much about the other person’s mood or current personal situation.

However, trust only develops when we have a comprehensive picture of the other person. Where information is missing, we fill it with our own assumptions and fantasies. But these often do not correspond with reality. In day-to-day work in an office, it is much easier to find out how the other person is doing or why something wasn’t finished on time.

So, it’s time to do something for the team!

Just this week, Joerg Janzen conducted a team workshop in presence. The team members had not met in person since June 2020! There was great joy in completing team tasks outside, doing trust-building activities and discussing how to work together in the new reality. Lunch together, breaks and, of course, the final dinner on the hotel terrace provided an opportunity to just chat informally without any specific issue in mind.

Already, it is possible to safely hold workshops with vaccinations, tests, and hygiene measures. With sufficiently large seminar rooms, plenty of ventilation and measures for eating and staying in public areas already well established in many hotels, this is working really well!

Currently, it is still possible to book seminar hotels at relatively short notice – cancellation policies are also flexible. However, this will change quickly from summer onwards.

So, make sure now that your team gets together again, has joint fun and is motivated for the second half of the year!

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