Blended Learning – Plug & Play with DEX!


Why Blended Learning?

To be successful in the digital transformation it is essential to develop new competencies in a self-directed and fast manner. This is best achieved with blended learning!


Self-directed Learning, Exchange with Others and Modern Learning Formats

Blended Learning is a mixture of different program elements:

blended learning plug & play development program

Blended Learning Development Program

They are co-designed by the participants – this creates a lively, relevant and sustainable development program!


Why Plug & Play?

The complex needs of learners and companies as well as technologies are subject to rapid change. This creates a true VUCA world of learning! Navigating this world effectively requires profound specialist knowledge and a lot of time – and is not your core business.

But it is ours!

Thus, we offer a simple and pragmatic approach to blended learning – without high investment or adaptation costs.

Our portfolio includes the following topics:

Choose between

  • one of our 2 – 3-month “Quick-Win!” programs with narrow goals (e.g. Effective Meetings or Digital Team Tools)
  • the comprehensive “Classic” programs from 6 to 12 months (e.g. Modern Leadership, Resilience)
  • or a bespoke concept for your company

Download our detailed program and service scope brochure here: DEX Plug & Play Programs


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The University of Applied Management (HAM) with its Adventure Campus Treuchtlingen is our official cooperation partner. Thus, we can accompany projects scientifically if required!



LearningStone is our official cooperation partner for any blended learning! It provides a truly collaborative platform for modern blended learning processes.

With Great Place to Work we have a strong cooperation partner when it comes to future-oriented workplace culture and employer branding!


We are part of the iMOVE initiative of the German Federal Ministry of Education and Research.