DEX – The human being at the center of digital transformation

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Mindset and skills for the digital transformation

The right mindset and self-directed learning are essential success factors for the digital transformation. DEX supports leaders and teams in the development of the necessary skills!

New context – new skills

Essential for success in a world characterized by digitalization and globalization are the effective management of:

– Continuous change

– Complexity

– Flexibility and new possibilities

– New technologies

– Changed conditions and expectations for cooperation

Values and attitudes – a new mindset is needed

In an increasingly digitalized world, the environment and the resulting demands are changing. This also requires an adaptation of basic values and assumptions about collaboration:

  • Leadership at eye level and empowering employees to co-create
  • Hence, greater responsibility for employees regarding their own decisions and actions
  • Expectations and perspectives of other stakeholders such as customers, team members or other departments determine direction and actions
  • Experiencing the purpose and impact of one’s own work is becoming increasingly important

The people in an organization determine the success of a digital transformation

A new technology alone does not change a business model: How and whether people use it is the decisive factor. And that in turn depends on their attitudes and skills. Thus, these must be the focus in transformation projects.

Our development programs support you in developing exactly those attitudes and skills that are important for the digital transformation in your organization!


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